Tired he was, really tired and still in a lot of pain. “Who are you?” she said. He looked up. He saw blue eyes with a sparkle. He didn’t want to talk to anyone but with her it seemed to be different. It seemed like he didn’t have to say anything at all. As if she understood.

“Come with me.” she said. “The world has so much to offer.” She closed her eyes and so did he. Suddenly there were many many pictures, things he could have never imagined. Walks at the beach, regular food, ice cream, toys, a beautiful desert princess friend, a huge bed just for him. Pools to swim in, different countries, hikes and adventures. “I’ll show you a little magic.”

He opened his eyes, not sure if he had been dreaming. She was still there, her blue eyes with a sparkle looking at him.

“Buddy”, he whispered, “my name is Buddy.”

Tired she was, really tired and she seemed to feel so blue. Her eyes had lost all of their sparkle. She didn’t want to talk to anyone. He sat down right next to her. Closed his eyes. She understood.

“Come with me.” he said. “I’ll show you a little magic.” She closed her eyes. Suddenly there were so many pictures, things she could have never imagined. His happy brown eyes when he looked at her for the first time. His smiling face when he ran after the toy. Him falling in love and flirting with a random person on the street. Him sleeping in her arms, right next to her in a little camper car, snoring, remembering the hike they had the day before. Her dancing on the streets on a summer evening, him running next to her.

She opened her eyes, not sure if she had been dreaming. He was still there, his warm brown eyes looking at her.

“Buddy”, she whispered, ” you are my best Buddy.”

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